Stockport Man Publishes Book

14 Feb 2020 09:45
Published by: Scott Callan

Watch out JK Rowling! Stockport man and Alternative Futures Group Service Development Manager Simon Buxton is hot on your publishing heels.

Simon has had his first book published. The Book of Mors, which is a story of mystery, magic, untold legends and powerful witches are brought together in a gripping story of a journey to unearth the secrets and powers of The Book of Mors.’ Described as a ‘must read for all Harry Potter fans’, it’s now available from Amazon books.

Writing the book has been a labour of love says Simon: ‘It’s been five years in the making, on and off.  I’ve really enjoyed writing it. And it’s been an education working with the publishers, editing several drafts and choosing the artwork for the book cover.

‘It was an incredible feeling when the publisher said they’d publish it. I’m very happy with the book though it’s been more about the writing journey than the result. Although selling a reasonable number of copies would be the icing on the cake, the true enjoyment has been in the research and the writing.’

The book is about Xavier Logan, a carefree teenager living a non-eventful, moderately boring, life in suburban England. But his seemingly tranquil, quiet life is about to be turned upside down, changing his perception of what normality is forever. Xavier is forced to work through devastation, grief, and emotional turmoil after learning his parents have been involved in a horrific car accident which results in his mother’s apparent death.

One Amazon reviewer has already said: ‘Amazing book, couldn’t put it down. Best read in a long time! Hope there’s going to be a second book!’

This reviewer isn’t going to be disappointed.  Simon has already written the sequel which is due to be published for Halloween 2020.

Simon is one of many talented people working for NW-based health and social care company AFG, one of the UK’s largest health and social care charities - currently supporting about 1,200 people across the NW and employing over 2,500 staff.

AFG works locally in the community and through its independent hospitals to provide a wide range of innovative and bespoke care services delivering life-enhancing person centred support to people with a diverse range of care needs. Throughout its services, AFG focuses on personalised support, tailoring services to the needs and aspirations of everyone; supporting them to lead the lives they want as active citizens in their communities.

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