Responsible Procurement’- Wins Council Contracts

26 Feb 2020 10:48
Published by: Scott Callan

Stockport Council will be hosting a Responsible Procurement Event facilitated by STAR Procurement.

The event is intended for SME’s, CIC’s, Charities and third sector organisations and business enterprises.

The event will opened by Councillor Tom McGee and closed by the Director of STAR procurement.

Why should you attend:


The event will be a mixture of presentations and interactive workshops with lunch and refreshments provided on the day.

We have presentations from SME’s who have won Council contracts and they will talk about their experience and Social value.

STAR will talk about Responsible Procurement Strategy & Modern Slavery. We are looking for your involvement on shaping the TOM’s - Themes and Outcome Measures (new and existing).

Plus there is a workshop what a good Social Value submission looks like and navigating the Social Value Portal.


There will be break out rooms for help with the Chest, Social Value Portal and forming consortiums and other bidding models.

Confirmed attendees will be provided with an agenda prior to attending.

Please click link below to book tickets.

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