Stockport business owner launches virtual decluttering service

13 May 2020 04:46
Published by: Scott Callan

A business owner from Stockport is adapting during the Coronavirus pandemic by launching an innovative new online decluttering and organising service.

Siân Pelleschi, 38, delivered her accredited services in person for three years prior to the nationwide lockdown.

Having lost 95% of her client base overnight due to social distancing restrictions, the owner of Sorted! has risen to the challenge by taking her business online – offering virtual consultations and support using video technology.

In addition, she has created a free Facebook Group – The Covid-19 Decluttering and Organising Challenge Group – which sets bite-sized challenges to help those who may be struggling with their space during lockdown.

“In these unprecedented times, pivoting my business in a new, exciting direction is helping me to stay afloat and offer an essential service to my clients,” said Siân, who lives in Davenport.

“It has been extremely difficult and emotional to literally have to stop working with my clients in person overnight; however, we all have a duty to socially distance to protect the NHS and save lives.”

Siân, who is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), has had prior success – supporting her clients to enjoy better health and wellbeing by making changes to their home and office environments.

Now, the mum of two is responding creatively to these uncertain times by providing the constant support, advice and direction clients would typically receive in a hands-on session through an online format.

“The early response has been fantastic!” said Siân, who launched her new way of working a week into lockdown.

“I am seeing a strong appetite for my challenge group, which is helping people to make small but significant changes within their homes that can have a huge impact on their mindset.

‘As next week is also Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s really important to let people across Greater Manchester know that help is out there for them. I appreciate the amazing support of all my clients and am delighted to be welcoming new faces on board who are experiencing what Sorted! has to offer for the very first time.”

Siân is the owner of one of almost six million SMEs operating in the UK – according to the House of Commons Business Statistics.  

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