Celebrating the superheroes

29 Mar 2021 11:39
Published by: Scott Callan

SPIDERWOMAN, Cat Woman, Bat Girl and even the Yellow Peril paid homage to the nation’s superheroes on Comic Relief Day at King’s Infant and Junior School in Macclesfield.

 The mufti day with a difference saw all the youngsters dress as their favourite superheroes to honour the nation's frontline heroes who have all kept the country running during the Covid pandemic.

The Prestbury-based school’s charities coordinator Michael Walton said: “Social distancing measures made our normal range of fundraising activities a bit more difficult year.

“We couldn't have cake sales or games and stalls or even sponsored challenges, but we could have superheroes, and we could remind the children that we have real superheroes in our community and that they don't just exist on celluloid."

Pictured with Mr Walton as Bat Man are Year 5 pupils: Jessica Fahy as Bat Girl, Tom Heseltine as Spiderman, Jasper Oakes as Iron Man, Joseph Stewart as Bat Man, Saskia Patton as Cat Woman and Emmie Hobbs as the Yellow Peril.

Ten-year-old Jessica said: “I chose Bat Girl because not all superheroes are boys. Just look at our wonderful nurses most of those superheroes are girls.”

Mr Walton added: “The last year has been really tough, especially for schools and for children, and so a day spent celebrating community, inclusiveness and humour has been a great antidote to lockdown.

“It has given us the chance to discuss ‘real’ superpowers and to generate more than £600 for those less fortunate.”

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