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Why advertise?

We strive to offer our users content in as many ways as possible. With 10,000 copies of our newspaper distributed to supermarkets, they are available as a FREE pickup. As well as this, we offer our users digital content on our website, iPhone app and Android app. We also publish our newspaper in digital interactive page-turning format.

We have a presence on Social Media with our Twitter Account and Facebook Account meaning you can advertise your products and/or services to our wide-ranged audience.

Newspaper Advertising

We distribute our free newspaper to local households, shops and supermarkets. Our newspapers have a 100% pickup rate giving your advert exposure to a huge local area!

If you are interested in newspaper advertising, please call Robin Atkins on 01625 501 675 or 07767840274.

Lets talk numbers

10,000 Printed copies

10,000 Sent to local supermarkets

20,000 Potential reach

Digital Advertising

Research suggests that more and more people are online. This means that you could be missing a vital audience by not advertising online.

If you are interested in digital advertising, please call Robin Atkins on 01204 478810.

15,000 Page views

10,000 Sent emails

1,200 App users

11,600 Social media reach

37,800 Potential reach