9 May 2018 03:45

STUDENTS at Stockport Academy have been reaping the rewards of completing their English letter-writing project after receiving some surprising replies.
As part of its commitment to provide an education with character, Stockport Academy set its Year 7 students the task of penning fan mail to their heroes, with one student receiving a letter back from the assistant of the late Professor Stephen Hawking, written prior to Professor Hawking’s death.
Rhiannon Jones Ager, 12, was informed that Professor Hawking ‘will be very pleased to know that you admire his work’ and that ‘he is very keen that people should try hard with whatever problem they may have’. She was also thanked for her ‘lovely letter’ and that Professor Hawking ‘wishes you well’.
Rhiannon says: “Other people in my class said I would never get a reply, but Professor Hawking has always been about never giving up so I thought it would be amazing if he replied to my letter – and he did!”
Millie Yarwood,12, who received a reply from celebrity author David Walliams, added: “I really love David’s books because they make me laugh, so that’s why I chose to write to him. I was surprised when he wrote back to me and I’ll probably frame the letter when I get home!”

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