Children at Fairway Primary School show support to elderly residents

10 Jun 2020 11:35
Published by: Scott Callan

Children at Fairway Primary School have been sending thoughtful, homemade postcards to elderly residents in Stockport.

Fairway Primary School have been encouraging children, of keyworkers, to send thoughtful and positive messages to elderly people in the community.

The residents at Radford House, whose ages range from 70 – 88 years of age, have been self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic and as a result the postcards were a welcome surprise.

Radford House, which is one of over 5,000 properties owned by Johnnie Johnson Housing, proudly supports people to live independently in their own home. The organisation has understandably had to adapt their services, during the pandemic, and has been thankful to the children at Fairway Primary School for their kind gesture.

Sue Willerton, an Independent Living Coordinator for Johnnie Johnson Housing, remarked: ‘This small act of kindness, by the children at Fairway Primary School, has made a real difference to our residents. The postcards made our residents feel connected with the outside world and has helped to lift their spirits. It is fantastic to see the older and younger generation finding ways to connect during this difficult time.’

Radford House also received daffodils from the school, which have been proudly displayed in the entrance of the properties, and the residents have since thanked the children by writing letters and cards. This activity has provided an excellent way to establish connections in the wider community and is a prime example of how people of all ages can support one anther during difficult times.

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