Would you like to help adults learn to read in Stockport?

22 Jun 2020 09:51
Published by: Scott Callan

We are looking for support to help us get the ball rolling on a brand new Read Easy group in Stockport. We know that 6.4% adults in Stockport can’t read or struggle with everyday reading, and we’re passionate about changing that with our proven, confidential programme of free, one-to-one, volunteer-led adult reading coaching. We’re currently looking for local people who could support the development of a new group by volunteering as Management Team members. Becoming a Management Team volunteer for Read Easy is fun and fulfilling but requires commitment and passion. You’ll be given lots of support and full training, meet a diverse range of people, and be part of a genuinely life-changing organisation. From experience, we know that learning to read really does changes lives and being part of that process is special.

Becoming a member of the management team is an exciting chance to play a key role in bringing your community together, and to make a difference. Whether you’ve got existing skills you’d like to put to good use, or are looking to develop new ones, volunteering for Read Easy can be a great chance to learn something new.

The stark reality is that 2.4m adults in the UK cannot read, while 2.5m struggle to read. On a practical level, this means that even carrying out everyday tasks can be challenging, if not impossible. Many of our new readers have never been to the doctor as they’re too embarrassed to have to read and fill in forms. Being unable to read and write is associated with higher mortality, depression, isolation and mental health issues. Sadly, statutory provision for the most disadvantaged groups by local authority adult education does not look likely to improve, with funding increasingly cut, and very little opportunity for those at very early levels.

Even where such classes are available it can be challenging for potential readers to come forward for help in a classroom environment where they are likely to have to fill in forms and explain their difficulties to staff. We know from experience that people who cannot read are nervous and embarrassed about joining adult learning groups. This is the motivation behind the Read Easy model: to provide accessible, free, and confidential one-to-one reading coaching wherever the need is greatest. And this is why we need your help!

To be an effective member of the team, volunteers need to be committed and enjoy using their own initiative. Ideally, they will also be passionate about helping others and bringing their community together. Volunteers also need to have the equivalent of at least half a day per week to spare and some of this time needs to be within the working week.

The impact of learning to read is tangible for both Volunteers and Readers. The phrase we hear from our readers time-and-time again is ‘life-changing’. But for our volunteers too the process of helping adults learn to read has a profound effect on their lives. If you’d like to play a key part in helping to transform the lives of adults near you, while developing existing skills and learning new ones in a supportive, fun environment, then why not get in touch?

To learn more about becoming a Read Easy Management Team volunteer in Stockport, please contact Marie Joyce stockportpioneer@readeasy.org.uk

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