Coronavirus emergency inspires a kind gift from caring County

23 Mar 2020 02:05
Published by: Kian French

Stepping Hill Hospital and local community NHS services have received a welcome boost during the Coronavirus public health emergency thanks to a generous donation from their local football club; Stockport County FC.

At a time when services are under immense pressure, the club have donated £75,000 to help pay for new equipment.

The money will pay for new haemofiltration devices which replace kidneys in the case of renal failure, volumetric pumps which keep patients asleep, and syringe drivers used to administer drugs.

Most people who get the virus will experience only milder symptoms and need to self-isolate at home, but this equipment will be very important for treating the minority of patients who may be suffering from the most severe symptoms of the virus who will need care in the hospital.

Club owner Mark Stott said: “Unfortunately, many people within the Stockport area will be affected by coronavirus and we wish them a speedy recovery. The NHS do a phenomenal job and on behalf of myself, the club and the supporters we would like to thank them for their selfless work during this unprecedented time. Stockport is a town and club with enormous community spirit and we will pull together to support each other at this difficult time”.

Louise Robson, Chief Executive of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust which runs the hospital and community NHS services said “Coronavirus is going to be a massive challenge for all our staff and volunteers as they continue to provide the best possible care and treatment through an unprecedented public health emergency. We truly appreciate all the support we receive, and this generous donation from Stockport County FC will be a real help in providing extra equipment. I’d like to say a big thank you to the club on behalf of all of us.”

If anyone else would like to donation to the trust they should visit the ‘Making a Donation’ page on the trust’s website .

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